Hi, I'm Minh.
I do cybersecurity.

I am an 18 year old security researcher studying computer science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

In my free time, I play CTFs and code random things.


Latest post:

This is the story of how I created a botnet of IPTVs to rickroll 10,000+ students for my senior prank.

Here are my certifications.

I am committed to reaching the highest standards and pushing the limits of my knowledge.

Below are some of my experiences.

101sec Cyber Team

During high school, I established 101sec as a student-led program with the mission to make infosec engaging for students. I helped organize events, recruit new members, and educate others about cybersecurity. Today, I continue to mentor the team.

See website

101sec CP-XIII National Finals team

101sec Network

A side hobby that evolved into something larger, I work as a system administrator for the 101sec Minecraft server. By running this server for the past three years, I've learned how to handle incidents, perform maintenance, deploy new services, and ensure uptime while using best practices in security.

101sec Network lobby

FIRST Robotics

I'm proud to have competed in FIRST robotics for over eight years and I'm honored to be a part of FIRST alumni. During my time with WildStang (FRC 111), I worked heavily with Java using a custom framework to program functions for the robot. I also developed strong communication and teamwork skills.

FRC 2019 World Championship
2019 Midwest Regional
2019 Seven Rivers Regional
2019 Carson Division
Skills Competition Winner
2021 Krypton Group - Infinite Recharge at Home



  • National Honor Society
  • National Technical Honor Society
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • Illinois State Scholar
  • RMHS '21 Graduate with Highest Honors
  • RMHS '21 Information Technology Senior Medallion


  • CyberPatriot X - 3rd Place Illinois
  • CyberPatriot XI - Semifinalist, 2nd Place Illinois
  • CyberPatriot XII - Semifinalist, 2nd Place Illinois
  • CyberPatriot XIII - National Finalist (Top 12), 1st Place Illinois

CTF Competitions

NameRankTeam or Alias
NCL Spring 2018 Preseason789 / 3124WhiteHoodHacker
NCL Spring 2018 Individual Game577 / 2452WhiteHoodHacker
NCL Spring 2019 Preseason104 / 4482WhiteHoodHacker
NCL Spring 2019 Individual Game60 / 3607WhiteHoodHacker
ångstromCTF 2019383 / 1570verybad
NCL Spring 2019 Team Game61 / 548101sec
NCL Spring 2020 Preseason9 / 5379WhiteHoodHacker
NCL Spring 2020 Individual Game68 / 5357White
NCL Spring 2020 Team Game97 / 925101sec
TJCTF 2020474 / 1205101sec
LBC2 2021 Advanced Division 4 / 16101sec
NCL Spring 2021 Preseason11 / 5794White
NCL Spring 2021 Individual Game5 / 4180White
National Cyber Scholarship Competition 202110 / 3277WhiteHoodHacker
CIHSCDC 20211 / 8101sec
TAMUctf 202131 / 343ACS Sirius
HackTheBox Cyber Apocalypse 2021112 / 4740bob
FAUST CTF 202132 / 77Applied Cybersecurity Society
HSCTF 813 / 1162icypete
redpwnCTF 20213 / 1416OpeOnlyOverflows
UIUCTF 2021Challenge DevSIGPwny
CSAW '21 Qualifiers2 / 1214SIGPwny
PBjar CTF 202111 / 560[sqrt(-1) + 1]
Aviation ISAC Collegiate CTF8 / 22IrisSec
pbctf 202126 / 210IrisSec
NCL Fall 2021 Preseason2 / 6423[email protected]

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